Success and Prosperity are the most sought-after accomplishments amongst individuals in today’s world. Everyone has his or her own perspective of success .Ultimately, we all want to be the best version of ourselves. But only a few amongst us make it happen. Now, the question is what makes these people different from rest of the world? What is that one thing that differentiates them from the crowd and makes them who they are? Be it, sports, statesmanship, media or any other field there are a few people who stand out and do astonishingly well, while others struggle to find their way.

The answer is focus and not just focus but laser like focus. It is crucial to be focused upon your goals and follow the correct path to achieve them. If we have focus we can attain even the toughest feats while without focus one may not excel even in doing simple day to day activities. Let’s take an example, most people make a new year’s resolution. They start their year on a very positive note and hardly few days pass when all the enthusiasm goes out of the window. Do you know why does this happen? I’ll tell you, it’s because lack of focus. With the passage of time our focus shifts from one thing to another and hence we fail to keep our resolution for the entire year. The same applies to our lives.

Remember as a kid, we used to experiment with a magnifying glass, paper and the sun rays. When the sun rays pass through the magnifying glass the paper starts to burn. You must have learnt the scientific approach of this experiment. Now let’s have a look at the practical approach of it. You know why the same sun rays that feel completely powerless on our skin in a winter morning cause the paper to burn? That’s because with a magnifying glass, you are concentrating the energy entering the area of a lens into a single point. That’s how laser focus works, it concentrates all our energy – into our efforts and towards the goal thus creating and magnifying the impact of our efforts.

As Tony Robbins says, “Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.” and this is true to our lives. You can attain incredible results with laser like focus if YOU follow our 5 STEP FOCUS Model ,


ORGANISE yourself
UNDERSTAND your starting point
SUCCESS celebrated

• Step 1. Focal Point: Decide on a specific goal for life: The key to achieving laser like focus is to set a specific goal you wish to achieve in your life and make this a focal point of your attention. The goal you set must realistic. Remember set yourself up for success and have goals even if just small goals which you achieve – helping you towards achieving your bigger goals. After you have decided on a goal, you must develop an emotional connection with your goal, because this connection helps you sail through the challenges that you face while to strive towards it.

• Step 2. Organise yourself by first writing your goal down on paper:. Writing has more potential for impact than reading and speaking; it stays with you longer. Remember writing down important points from your lessons – so you can recall them easily (they are students so no need to say back in the school days) Then , read out your goals aloud every morning or before bedtime to help remind yourself of your ultimate destination.

• Step 3. Commit by declaring your goals. This is the most crucial part of the journey, once you have decided on your goal to ensure that you stay focused on achieving your goal you must share it with your friends and family. This is important for two reasons, one they will support you and provide you with a boost in your tough times you may encounter. Second, you may be mocked for your goal, but that again should act as a fuel to your burning desire for success. In both the cases, sharing your goal helps you gets an inch closer to your success.

• Step 4 Understand your starting point, to help measure your goals and see how much progress you have made: To keep yourself going and moving forward, you need to measure your goals via the milestones that you need to set along the way. For example, to become a billionaire, you need to first become a millionaire, and to become a millionaire, you need to first bank your first 10,000 pounds or dollars. This will help you sustain yourself in the game and will keep you going. Imagine you are on road trip to some beautiful destination and you have no idea where you have reached after driving for 16 hours, would you continue to drive?

• Step 5 Success is celebrated no matter how small. This is the most beautiful part of your journey, every time you reach a milestone or achieve something along the way to your eventual goal, you should take time to celebrate your success with your family, friends and – whomever you are close too. The bigger the milestone, the bigger the celebration you deserve. save the best for last

I am sure this 5 Step FOCUS MODEL will help you gain a laser like focus to achieve your goals not only in your educational but also in your personal and professional life and will also help you grow as an individual. If you wish to further develop your skills in this area or any area of personal growth attend one of our experiential learning workshops and gain insights about the technique to master laser focus and many more valuable skills to help you succeed and prosper in life,

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