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Who we are?

Emerging Brilliance– Inspiring &Empowering People to Their Brilliance Emerging Brilliance is a business and personal development training company with a single focus: we help people tap into their own unique Brilliance. It is the No.1 Company optimizing the MET training method. MET stands for Mind Empowering Technology. Our training programs are challenging, interactive and enjoyable. MET trains people in an experiential environment – “learning by doing”. We use games, simulations, NLP, hypnosis, discussions, individual assignments, group projects, exercises of all varieties and EFT so that the learning is fun, and you can enjoy its benefits for long after you leave the training room. We also invite experts from our worldwide network to provide inputs from their own areas of specialty to ensure leading edge content.

Our philosophy

We at Emerging Brilliance believe that human beings are born with brilliance. It’s just that they need to realize what their brilliance is. Our philosophy is simple – let you and several others like you realize and explore your brilliance. 

We are good at

Discover YOUR Brilliance Preview
Disover YOUR Brilliance
Business Brilliance Coaching
Sales Superstar Coaching

Amandeep’s Experience

Discover Your Brilliance

Years of experience



Emerging Brilliance is known for its amazingly helpful events and workshops. In the past few years, we have conducted several different kinds of workshops to help people tap into their true potential and brilliance. Learn more about the below!

Discover Your Brilliance

Discover Your Brilliance is a four hour workshop to help you discover your area of brilliance. Learn more.

Unleash Your Brilliance

Unleash Your Brilliance takes what you have discovered about yourself – in Discover Your Brilliance workshop – to the next level. And helps you make the most of it. Learn more.


Unleash the Power Within a four day event by world’s leading motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. It is intended to transform every area of your life..

Sales Brilliance

Do you wish to become a salesman? At Sales Brilliance, we’ll teach you the art of selling and help you become a master salesman that you’ve always wanted to. Learn more.

Presentation Brilliance

Presentation Brilliance is a program that will help you become a master presenter, in a short span of time. Learn more.

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops are designed to help companies create high performing teams and a culture of brilliance. Learn more.



If you have any concern or query, just feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to get back to you. You can drop in at our office or email or even call us. Thanks, see you on the other side.

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Emerging Brilliance Academy Pvt Ltd ,Amigo ,C-25, Sector-8 , Noida – 201301

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+91 – 8585993007 



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Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM

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